.I am a certified healer, massage therapist, guide and teacher with over 15 years experience

Alongside my career, I searched for answers to help both myself and others feel good

.I began to feel better within as I was touched by God's love and light in miraculous ways


My passion towards comfort, well-being, love and peace grew within me and as I felt better

.I continuously shared my knowledge and wisdom with all that came my way


Today I am fortunate enough to understand and know that God very much exists and

genuinely loves us all equally.


My treatments incorporate various techniques and are combined with Blessed Loving energies from Divine.


The Benefits:


🔸 Healing

🔸 Massage

🔸 Health and Well Being

🔸 Inner Peace

🔸 Family Bond

🔸 Magical Experiences

🔸 Discovering your Gift

🔸 Remembering and Reclaiming Your Power

🔸 Strength

🔸 Flow

🔸 Success

🔸 Happiness

🔸 Connection

🔸 Tuning into the Energy of Love

🔸 Inner Passion

🔸 Manifestations of your Needs and Heart's Desires

🔸Tools and guidance


Heaven on Earth blissful energies will be incorporated through for you into the physical

body and realm to help you walk your life with ease and grace and receive the abundance that you so deserve.


Magic is in the Air ️!