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'Receiving a massage and healing treatment from Colette is a life changing moment. Nothing in your life will ever be the same. She has the magic touch of a natural healer and has the gift of being able to give you more than you could possibly expect. The tools she has given me are with me every day.


I am lucky enough to have had a few treatments from her; most of them at very low points in my life. I have suffered from headaches for many years and have spent many years going through the psychologically draining journey of IVF and egg donation. Colette’s treatments were a life saver during a very tough time and I cannot recommend her enough. I no longer have my debilitating headaches and am much more aware of turning negative thoughts, into positive ones.


I now live in the UK and make sure that whenever I am traveling to Israel, I book a few treatments with her. I love her healing massages and always feel a wonderful sense of peace and deep relaxation after them. I am very grateful for all the guidance she has given me and am now on my own spiritual path and see the world in a more positive, wonderful light. She has made me see my true potential and the life I am supposed to live. Thank you so much Colette for your life changing treatments and guidance''


Linda Shabtai



Colette's clinic is certainly one of the places which everyone should know about, its a much needed oasis of peace and tranquility hidden within a life of fast pace and urgency. Meeting Colette for the first time is a never forget experience.


What makes this clinic so special is Colette. Talking with her is just like talking with your best friend who you have known for ever.  What is established early on is the importance of perspective and wellbeing.


Meetings with Colette are very comfortable yet remain focused. She always gives you so much to think about and ideas to improve situations and circumstances, but most of all to improve yourself. 


She has helped me address challenges which were deep set in my psyche and unknowingly holding me back. Through a process of self-understanding Colette has shared ideas and techniques to see perceived obstacles as simple tests. Tests which can be challenged and cast aside using an array of wonderfully simple tools  


I'd recommend anyone to book an appointment at the clinic, I don't think you'll be disappointed